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Design Etiquette is a visual studio working with local and international clients.

We love giving brands the tools they need for their growth: from a great branding system to their online communication. We believe in the power that design has over our everyday life, by helping differentiate brands, products, and even life itself.
Made with love in sunny Costa Rica.
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Design Etiquette is a visual design studio founded in 2009.

We think of ourselves as communication artisans, making things differently and hoping to give our clients personalized service and high-end design. Whether your business is a startup or an existing company, we’ll help you create, with design and strategy, a coordinated world for your brand.

Communication should have a multidisciplinary approach where brands create a 360º experience for their audience… an experience that starts with your brand’s philosophy and identity, continues with its packaging, amazes with its branded spaces and goes all the way to its digital presence.

Design Etiquette believes in the power that design has over our everyday life, by helping differentiate brands, products, and even life itself.

We Do Branding.

Ready to create your brand?

We can help you build an strong identity system that will strengthen your brand and maximize your communication.

We Do Digital.

Are you taking advantage of technology?

Grow your business with an effective website and use the latest tools to improve your brand’s digital presence and reach.

Founded by visual designer Mariana Pacheco.

After talking to a couple of designer friends who explained what graphic design was, she had an epiphany and her career choice became obvious. She studied Advertisement Design and later on got a Master’s Degree in Visual Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy. She founded Design Etiquette in 2009 with the hope of giving her clients great service and design.

Our Clients.

We have worked with local and international clients from:

Costa Rica
San Francisco
New York
Latin America

Our Featured Work.

Our projects have been featured in blogs and books!

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FeedMe! Book

Our Approach & Process

1. Review.

Research of Brand and Market

Figuring out where we are and where we’re going.

2. Inspiration

Brainstorming for Concepts

Finding exciting ways to represent what we want to communicate.

3. Execution

Implementation and Management

Communication and strategy across different channels.