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We love giving brands the tools they need for their growth: from a great branding system to their online communication. We believe in the power that design has over our everyday life, by helping differentiate brands, products, and even life itself.
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Rebranding Fundes

Rebranding Fundes

We designed the rebranding for FUNDES, a Latin American firm that partners with large corporations who seek to improve economic, social and environmental conditions in their countries by working together with micro, small, and medium enterprises. They asked us to redesign their branding system in an effort to make their brand more up-to-date and efficient.

Their previous identity used a monochromatic red palette with yellow details. Blue tones dominate the new main color palette, while green tones are used for details and supporting elements, this choice created an evident change in their brand.

We developed a series of patterns that can be used as complements to the brand’s communication. These patterns are inspired by pre-Columbian Latin American stamps, which are symbols that represent, to a lesser or greater extent, all the countries of the region. These patterns can be mixed into different forms in order create various designs.




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Mariana Pacheco Fundes
Logo before and after
Logo redesign for Fundes
Logo redesign for Fundes
Different color backgrounds with logo
Logo treatment Fundes
Color palette Fundes
Brand Colors and logo
Patterns for Fundes
Grid system for advertisement
Fundes Photo Treatment
Letterhead Fundes
letterhead and Moleskine
Front for writing, back for drawing
Branding elements for Fundes
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Environmental Graphics for Fundes
Environmental Graphics for Fundes
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Calendar Fundes
Fundes Calendar