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Design Etiquette is a visual studio working with local and international clients.

We love giving brands the tools they need for their growth: from a great branding system to their online communication. We believe in the power that design has over our everyday life, by helping differentiate brands, products, and even life itself.
Made with love from sunny Costa Rica.
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Logotype Collection

Logotype Collection

Over the years we have created a collection of shapes, type and colors, in the form of logotypes and marks that we’ve designed for different clients. Branding is one of our favorite design challenges, and in our opinion, designing a logo is one of the first and most important steps in creating a business. Even though an identity system has to be backed up by a business strategy and plan, a logotype is the face of a brand and it is the most important component in a good branding system.

These are some of the logotypes we’ve designed for our clients.


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Logotype for Trippy
Branding for Animalia
Branding for Bosques de Carao in Costa Rica
Logo for Bosques del Río Costa Rica
Branding for Materia Prima
Branding for Automascota
Logotype for Liloveve New York
Logo Intelecto Consulting
Logotype for Nya
Branding for Wafer
Logotype for Civitar
Mark for Digital Vet
Logotype for Nya in Costa Rica
Mark for Liloveve New York
Custom type for I Peccati
Logotype for Veterinarios Asociados
Branding for Shot Cakes
Branding for Fundes Latinoamerica
Unused client mark
Logotype for Vivento
Logo Mare
Logotype option for Kids Care
Logotype option for Wonderlab
Custom type fo Inside
Logotype for Kuora
Logotype Wonderlab
Typography logo for Exhibe
Logo for Kids Care Pediatric Center
Logotype Consultamed
Mark for Artefice Costa Rica
Logotype for Elco
Logotype for Mare