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Design Etiquette is a visual studio working with local and international clients.

We love giving brands the tools they need for their growth: from a great branding system to their online communication. We believe in the power that design has over our everyday life, by helping differentiate brands, products, and even life itself.
Made with love in sunny Costa Rica.
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We have developed different branding packages for your needs: from our Beginners Kit if you are starting out, to our Gold Kit which includes a complete branding system for your business.

A lot of the people who are starting a business can get stuck on branding and design because they don’t know who to turn to. If you are not a marketer or designer, it is difficult to know whether you are hiring a professional or giving away your money to an amateur. Since branding is a one-of-a-kind product designed exclusively for your brand, and you don’t know right away what you are buying, it is easy to be afraid of the end result.

If you are creating a brand, your mind could be stoping you with these believes:

  • Creating a professional looking brand costs thousands of dollars
  • I’m not going to be happy with the end result
  • Branding is a boring and time-consuming process
  • I don’t know much about logo or web design
  • It’s difficult to find someone professional that can help me out

We’ve all felt this uncertainty in many occasions, like whenever we have to take our car to the mechanic. Most of us don’t know anything about engines, and little about car maintenance, so it’s always hard when we have to hire someone new. We believe that, for a lot of people, design can have this same effect.

Nowadays, with all the advantages of the internet, everyone thinks they are a photographer, a model, a writer, … and a designer. There are thousands of pages and “designers” that will create a logo for $5 or $200. Easy, cheap! But wait, what about a concept, what about your competition and how you’re going to position your brand? Who are you going to sell your product or service to? How is your brand going to look?

A week or a month after paying for your cheap logo, you are going to realize all the time that you lost creating a “brand” that is not going to be useful in the long run. With time, your brand is the most valuable asset for your business, so developing a good identity from the get-go is one of your most important investments.

When you are starting out a business, your graphic identity is the first thing a customer sees. They haven’t tried your product, they don’t know if you have a good service, and they can’t see all the effort that you’ve invested in your company. They have 5 seconds to decide if your brand is a good fit for them. Good design can be the difference between a negative and positive first interaction.

Say hello to our Branding Kits!
We have created three different types of branding kits that will solve your needs. From our Essential Kit that includes the development of your logotype and brand guidelines, all the way to the Gold Kit, which includes letterheads, and a website that will serve you as an starting point of contact with your customers.

Our Branding Kits are NOT a good fit for you if:

  • You were thinking about designing your logo and brand identity in Powerpoint or hiring a $5 “designer” to do it
  • You have a bad product or service and want good design to make up for it
  • You’re not a 100% sure about starting or improving your business
  • You’re not thinking long-term

Our Branding Kits are a good fit for you if:

  • You believe that great design can improve your sales and conversions
  • You have already figured out a business plan regarding your finances, sales and customer service
  • You know that branding includes a good graphic identity as well as a quality product, and customer service
  • You are tired of hiring designers and not getting the result you want
  • You are sure about your business and want to see it succeed
  • You are willing to invest your time in this process and provide us with the information needed
  • You are thinking long-term and know the value that design has on your brand
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the branding kits?

With all of our branding packages, we include a PDF with guidelines that include:

  • Your logo formats and how they should be used
  • Color Palette: The definition of colors is essential for any brand so that all the materials: print, presentations, and any digital medium like your social media channels and website, have the same look and feel.
  • Typography: We define the fonts that are going to be used for your brand. Every element, from your packaging, all the way to your website, should have a set of defined fonts to assure brand recognition and uniformity.

What information do I need to provide?

Before starting any branding project we research the competition and market. In order to start our design process, we need to know who the final customer is going to be.

We’ll also need information about your direct competition. Who they are, their strong and weak points, and how the handle their communication.

Do I get my money back if I’m not satisfied?

We know that design can be complicated and that you may be skeptical about our packages being the right choice for your brand. We believe we can create an amazing brand for your business.

We do not have a “money back guarantee”, however, in almost ten years of working with Design Etiquette, I have never had a dissatisfied client. Our main interest is to create amazing work that will leave people wanting to spread the word about our business and skills.

Do I get the final files?

When the branding process is finished, you’ll received your final logotype in different formats, including Adobe Illustrator for professional use, and jpg, gif, and pdf, for your personal use.

Final printable artworks and files for the Premium and Gold Kit will also be sent to you via a file uploading system (aka Google Drive or Dropbox).

  • KIT 01 - Essential
  • $ 1800 Per Month
    • Market Research
    • Mood Board
    • Logotype Development
    • Definition of Colour Palette
    • Definition of Typography
    • Design of Patterns if Needed
    • Usage Guide
  • KIT 02 - Premium
  • $ 2900 Per Month
    • Market Research
    • Mood Board
    • Logotype Development
    • Definition of Colour Palette
    • Definition of Typography
    • Design of Patterns if Needed
    • Usage Guide
    • 3 Brand Elements
  • KIT 03 - Gold
  • $ 5500 Per Month
    • Market Research
    • Mood Board
    • Logotype Development
    • Definition of Colour Palette
    • Definition of Typography
    • Design of Patterns if Needed
    • Usage Guide
    • 4 Brand Elements
    • 3 Link Website